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Prepared Childbirth Classes

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Our Prepared Childbirth classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge and techniques to help you prepare for your baby's birth. Taught by nationally certified childbirth instructors, classes include an overview of the labor process, coping strategies, relaxation and breathing techniques, roles for partners, use of medication and interventions, Cesarean birth, and hospital procedures. A maternity tour is included. Choose from two-, four- or five-week series. Offered evenings and weekends.

Cost: $85 per couple

Private Prepared Childbirth

A private class can be arranged to meet your individual needs. This class will be tailored to fit you, whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy. A busy personal schedule may prevent you from attending the prepared childbirth class series. Let us know if you need specific information about Cesarean birth, VBAC, etc. A certified childbirth instructor can meet with you for a 2 ½ hour session focusing on your specific situation.

Call 303-866-8600 to schedule a private session.

Cost: $150

Prepared Childbirth Over 30

This class includes all the content of the Prepared Childbirth class. It gives expectant parents over the age of 30 an opportunity to attend class with their peers. A maternity tour is included. Offered evenings and weekends.

Cost: &85 per couple

Weekend Express

This one-session class is designed for busy people who cannot attend the more in-depth Prepared Childbirth classes. It offers a brief overview of the basics of childbirth. (Class time does not include a tour, so call 303-866-8600 to register for Baby Business and a tour.) Offered Saturdays or Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cost: $70 per couple

Childbirth Preparation: Lessons Online

This method of preparing for childbirth might be a good fit if you prefer to learn at your own pace, have been placed on bed rest, or if your work/travel schedules prevent you from committing to a traditional class.

This self-paced course is a mix of self-study, reading, video clips, and a one-time skills session. Lessons Online does not replace the interaction of a traditional childbirth education class. Here's how Lessons Online works:

  1. After you register for the course you will receive your textbook and personal access code to Lessons Online. The materials use easy-to-understand explanations and graphics to teach you about the process of birth. 
  2. Go through the book and website at your own pace, accessing the helpful, graphics and short video clips to help you understand what you read. 
  3. Attend a short skills session with a certified childbirth instructor. This session gives you the opportunity to ask questions and practice the techniques you have learned.

This approach is self-paced. Once you complete the course attend an optional Labor Skills session.

Cost: $80 (includes textbook, website access code and optional Labor Skills class)

Labor Skills

Everyone knows that labor is hard work! In this session, a certified childbirth instructor will teach you how to use positioning, relaxation, breathing and distraction techniques. The class is an opportunity to: 

  • Practice skills after completing Lessons Online Childbirth Preparation
  • Refresh your skills from a previous birth
  • Practice skills learned in Childbirth Preparation series

We recommend you take Labor Skills after completing a childbirth series, Weekend Express, Lessons Online, or as a refresher course. Offered evenings, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

 Cost: $30


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